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Welcome to TV-Lite wiki

This is the place where you can find documentation for TV-Lite. This is work in progress. Currently available in English language, but we intend to translate or add pages in other languages as well.

What is TV-Lite

TV-Lite is a IPTV viewer. It is used to watch TV channels which are broadcasted online. There is a big trend currently for providing and using IPTV services. A lot of TV stations are now also streaming over internet and, apart from these streams, there are now a lot of IPTV providers. TV-Lite is joining the plethora of IPTV client applications that exist today. TV-Lite is based on the versatile VLC player. It also borrows a lot from the, now defunct, TV-Maxe. It resembles it look and feel and inherits its playlist format. But, as M3U playlists became a de-facto standard, TV-Lite can handle also this format.

What TV-Lite is not

TV-Lite is not aware of IPTV protocols as Stalker, for instance. This was not in scope when designing it. However it is able to use URLs according to Xtream API, in the same way that VLC can. Better support for Xtream API is planned for the near future. Also TV-lite does not bundle any playlist. It is the user's responsibility to find/acquire playlists.

What are its main features

It's a combination between a media player and an IPTV player, but it's not 100% either. Its noteworthy features are:

  • Can play all the streams VLC can, being based on libVLC.
  • Can handle Acestream and Sopcast streams using the Acestream engine and Sopcast clients. (Note: Sopcast support is Linux-only).
  • Can download and use playlists hosted on the Internet. These are called “subscriptions” in TV-Lite. It recognizes the ubiquitous M3U format, but its “native” format is the one TV-Maxe uses, because of its advantages (like neing able to specify more streams for the same TV channel).
  • The playlists can be also built from scratch or modified by the user. These are called “local lists”.
  • Support for VOD streams. Features the usual playback controls, fullscreen view, support for multiple audio, video and subtitle tracks, as provided by libVLC.
  • Some limited support for stream recording and (re)streaming.
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