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Channel List

The channel list displays the groups of channels and the channels from the chosen subscription or local list. Click the link for more details on Managing the TV channel lists

Above it there is the “List Type” selection button. You can select either “Subscriptions” or “Local lists”. This will determine what is shown in the “Channel list” drop-down list.

From the “Channel list” drop-down list, you can select the desired subscription or local list to be displayed from the your “collection” of subscriptions and local lists. For more information, access the Managing the TV channel lists from the wiki.

Note: The support for groups has been present from 0.5.0

The list itself is divided into two parts. The upper part displays the channel groups and the lower part will display the channels in the respective group. There is a special entry in the group list, “<All Channels>”, always visible at the top, that will display all the channels in the list, regardless of the group they belong to. Selecting one of the lists will cause all the channels in the list to be displayed.

In the lower part there is the search box and the list ordering buttons. Typing in the search box will display channel names that contain the combination of letters you typed. The search will be done for the selected group. Also the search will start one second after typing has stopped.

Right clicking a channel name will pop up a menu where you can select the desired source, if there are more sources for that channel.

If the channel belongs to a subscription, the last option in the menu will open an information box, where data about the respective channel is displayed, including the URLs of the sources.

If the channel belongs to a local list, there will be options to edit or delete the channel, as well as enter a new channel in the list.

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