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Managing the TV channel lists

What is a subscription?

A subscription is nothing else than the address of a playlist on the Internet. There are two types of playlist formats that TV-Lite can read: TV-Lite format (an evolution of the legacy TV-Maxe subscription format) and M3U lists.

TV-Lite caches locally the contents of these playlists, and updates this content at program launch, or on the user's request. The user may manage multiple subscriptions, adding, deleting or updating subscriptions at will.

When TV-Lite is launched for the first time, it will automatically download a subscription containing Romanian TV-channels. You can remove it, if you are not interested, and add as many other playlists you want. Starting with version 0.6.3, we added another subscription, maintained by the authors of theIPTV-org Github project.

What is a local list?

A local list is a actually a playlist, stored locally on your PC. You can add, delete or modify channels in it. You can also save it as a TV-Lite “.db” file and upload it somewhere, making it available as a subscription.

Selecting the subscription or local list from which you wish to watch TV channels

In the upper left side of the TV-Lite main window, click the desired list type you want to work with. Find the “List Type ” buttons and click either subscriptions or local lists. Use the “Channel list” drop-down control to select the desired list.

Managing subscriptions

Select “TV-Lite -> Manage Lists -> Manage subscriptions” from the menu. The subscription management window will open.

Adding A Subscription

If you have the link to a M3U list, or a TV-Lite subscription, press the “New” button. Enter the link into the "URL“ box and press ok. It works also if you have the list saved locally. In this case, press the button with three dots on it on the right side, and select the file from the regular file chooser that will open next. If you have some Xtream Codes credentials use the ”New Xtream“ button instead and enter the credentials as shown below: Press ”Ok“ when done and wait for the subscription to download. If successfully downloaded, the new subscription will appear in the list.

Modifying A Subscription

Select the desired item from the subscription list and press the ”Edit“ button. You will be able to modify both the name and the address of a subscription. The TV-Lite playlists usually have a name inside them. The M3U files do not have a name. When you first add an M3U file as a subscription, it will have the ”No Name“ as a default name. This can be modified here. Note that, internally, the M3U playlist are converted to TV-Lite playlist and cached as such.

Deleting A Subscription

elect the desired item from the subscription list and press the ”Delete“ button.

Updating subscriptions

The subscriptions are updated at every program start. A progress indicator window will pop-up. To cancel an update, press the ”Cancel“ button. If the window is closed, all the updates will be canceled. You can also update any desired subscription in this place. Just select the desired item from the list and press ”Update“

Managing Local Lists

In order to manage your local lists go to "TV-Lite→Manage Lists→Manage local lists” in the menu. The local list manager window will open You can create a local list in two ways

  1. Saving a subscription as a local list
  2. Creating an empty list

Saving a subscription as a local list

Please select the desired subscription to watch, as shown in [[|Selecting the subscription or local list from which you wish to watch TV channels]]. Make sure the channels from the respective subscription are displayed into the channel list. Go to "TV-Lite→Manage Lists→Save Subscription as Local List“ in the menu. After the list is saved, you will be able to view it by clicking ”Local lists“ into the ”List Type“ area, then selecting it into the ”Channel list“ drop-down.

Creating a new local list

Go to "TV-Lite→Manage Lists→Manage local lists” in the menu. The local list manager window will open Press the “New” button. Fill in the form with, at least, the name of the desired list. The rest of the fields are optional. Press Ok and a new, blank list will be created, with your desired name.

Editing the name of a local list

Into the list manager window, press “Edit”. The same form will appear, as for creating a new list. You will be able to edit the name and the other data in the form. The local list that are saved from subscriptions will show here the URL they were downloaded from.

Deleting a local list

Press the Delete button into the list manager window.

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