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Welcome to TV-Lite forum
« on: September 08, 2021, 14:40:21 »
For those of you who just arrived here and don't know what is all this about:
TV-Lite is a IPTV viewer, with Sopcast and Acestream handling capabilities. It uses the well known VLC for displaying media.
More about TV-Lite on the website

Before this forum came to exist, we only had a Facebook group. The majority of the group members were Romanian. This forum aims to fix this. It is here for the users in the whole world to get a chance to comnunicate.
We will open new boards for the users using a certain language if necessary. Just let us know.

The forum rules are the same of those of the Facebook group.

1. We encourage politeness and kindness

2. Do not intimidate or harass other users.  We don't tolerate hate speech.

3. No politics!

4. No fake news or conspiracy theories

5. No extremism (right wing, radical islamism, etc.)

We reserve the right to delete such posts and ban the respective users indefinitely.

Basically try to post your message into the appropiate board. We will try to move the off topic messages to some other board, or delete them, respectively