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TV-Lite new releases on Linux: 0.7.2 - 0.7.4

08/01/22 22:01:41

Something happened in a short time after releasing 0.7.1. The wxWidgets framework got the first major update in 9 years! As exciting as it was, this broke the build on on the Arch based distributions so TV-Lite could not get passed the wxWidgets update. Also the current binary obviously could not be launched any more.

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TV-Lite new release 0.7.1

07/13/22 15:54:38

A little more than a month has passed since 0.7.0. Here is the new release 0.7.1

There are two changes that worth telling about. The first one is a redesign of the mini view. The second one is the ability to play the last played stream at startup. 

This release, hopefully, should be one of the last using wxWidgets 3.0.5. The wxWidgets developers have just issued 3.2.0. the first in a new "stable" series.

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TV-Lite New Release 0.7.0

05/31/22 17:25:50

I had a little more spare time and I was also eager to solve some small problems remaining from 0.6.8. The result was kind of unexpected. The new GUI changes made me increment the "mid" version number, and, behold, this is 0.7.0.


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New TV-Lite release: 0.6.8

05/23/22 15:58:44

This is the second release during this month. It is not, as you might expect, a bug release. It has some cool features, too

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New TV-Lite release 0.6.7

05/15/22 13:08:11

The time has finally come for the May release. This is mainly a GUI bugfix release, but I've introduced a new feature also. The Mini Window 

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TV-Lite New Release 0.6.6

04/11/22 22:25:48

A month has passed since the previous release. It's time for a new one.
This one has only one big improvement. It's about the speed of the M3U list parsing.

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TV-Lite New Release 0.6.5

03/09/22 21:22:11 was a project that was born and evolved at the same time with the pandemic. The first releases were issued in the spring of 2020. Now, the pandemic has officialy ended, at least in my country. To celebrate this, I thought a new release would come handy. 

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TV-Lite new release 0.6.4

12/05/21 20:17:42

Long time since no article was written here. It the meantime we had a very troublesome 0.6.x chain of releases.  Version 0.6.0, last autumn, packed some  new, rather important features, but also a major rewrite of the database and channel list mechanism. This was insufficiently tested, and proved to be riddled with bugs. During the following two-three weeks we had to issue no less than three other minor releases, each trying to fix the problems found in the meantime . Version 0.6.3, however, proved to be stable enough to end this stream of, more or less, failed releases.

The current release, 0.6.4,  fixes some minor, yet annoying glitches, found in the meantime. Most of them are related to channel list handling.

Also this is a maintenance release for the Windows users. We brought some modules (mingw32 and friends ) up to date.

Read on to find out the whole changelist of 0.6.x releases.

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Arch and Samba tribulations

09/28/21 00:33:32

I wrote this article after a whole evening of unsuccessful attempts to properly configure Samba on my Arch laptop. No matter what I did, i could not make my shares visible on the network. Also, none of the other shared folders from the networks were visible in Dolphin or any other file manager. In the end I found out the cause. It was the lack of the Avahi daemon from the computer.

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